More and more, scientific studies are showing that an active senior is a healthy senior. Between physical activities for seniors, staying mentally active, and keeping up a healthy social circle, older people can prolong healthy living by years or even decades. With all the attention people put into good nutrition and exercise when they’re young, it is amazing that senior activities have escaped attention until recently. Fortunately, things are changing, and changing quickly! Within a decade, active seniors will be the norm and the days of old people sitting bored in front of the TV all day will be a distant memory. Fiona from ana Recruitment – a leading agency for the supply of carers and nursing staff explains why this is the case.
Choosing appropriate activities for seniors is easier than you might think. The main thing is that seniors live in or have access to facilities where social activities are organized. A lot of senior homes nowadays have poker nights, bingo games, water aerobics, and many other types of physical fitness activities and social gatherings that seniors enjoy. Sometimes, community centers go one better than this and take seniors out by the bus load to enjoy field trips to local hot spots for the elderly. Gambling halls are popular, as are certain scenic destinations and even amusement parks. Senior citizens activities are as diverse as the people who partake in them.
Unfortunately, the decreased mobility of seniors means that if activities are not nearby, there is often no way to get to them. This is why so many older people are choosing to retire into active living communities where they can have the help they need and still maintain a healthy life in a supportive community. Many of these places are pioneering and leading the way in activities for seniors. My grandmother actually recently moved into a center that has a senior martial arts program – the first in the state. They focus on internal arts such as tai chi, allowing seniors to reap the benefits of physical training without overtly exerting themselves. I have to say that grandmother has actually gotten really good at tai chi recently. She moves with a grace and style that I didn’t know she would be capable of anymore. It’s as if staying active has made her younger.
And in the end, that is what activities for seniors are all about. A lot of people are starting to believe that growing old is more about attitude that it is about physical condition. Often, when people start to give up hope and resign themselves to aging and dying, their health starts to decline rapidly. Seniors who stay happy and active don’t have time to get sick. Don’t get me wrong – they still develop illnesses, but many of them do a lot better than they would otherwise.