Shopping for your mattress online means you can’t get the touch & feel experience before buying as you would in a shop. Several companies specialize in custom mattresses for a specific comfort type, but these are simply not worth the everyday shopper shelling out money for. Since Saatva is an online company, it’s crucial to offer customers a fair return policy and warranty. Innerspring mattresses don’t absorb heat as much and inherently help to keep the mattress cool.
Internet-savvy customers will find the online sales process to be much less tedious, especially on delivery day, than the old trip to the mattress store. However, if you fall on an extreme of the comfort spectrum, Saatva’s other two mattresses are definitely worth looking into. I would recommend avoiding inexpensive memory foam mattresses and more traditional / basic memory foams.
Alas, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Discounted mattresses tend to be of a lesser quality, which isn’t always readily apparent on the first test. Worst of all, these sales tend to skimp on the warranty, meaning you could shell out cash for a cheap mattress and end up with nothing to show for it. This has been stated already, but expensive doesn’t always mean better when it comes to mattresses. Whether you’re shopping online or in-store, there are a few factors that are critically important for overweight or large sleepers. What you’re really looking for in these thicker mattresses is deep compression support.
Overweight people create a larger amount of pressure on the mattress and many thinner mattresses fall short in providing the support you may need. Some 10″ mattresses that utilize advanced foams, an extra thick comfort layer, or other design specs that improve deep compression support can allow them to function well for heavier sleepers as well (depending on your firmness preferences and sleeping position). These firmer mattresses will hold their shape better and provide lasting support for years to come for heavy sleepers.
Additionally, medium firm mattresses tend to offer more consistent support and feel, as the increased densities of the foams or other materials help to provide necessary push back. In general, mattresses built from springs, coil-on-coil construction, or hybrid designs (utilizing springs + foam) will offer the best edge support. A common complaint from heavy people is the nightly reality of sleeping hot.” This term is used for mattresses that do not ventilate or breathe well throughout the night. However, many advanced foam mattresses have largely solved the problems with heat retention.
These types of foam mattresses are more likely to be the type of basic memory foam that absorbs and retains heat. Additionally, foams like latex, Avena , advanced open cell memory foam, or mattresses that utilize gel or other cooling layers (do your research on the gel though, many gels don’t do what they claim) will improve cooling. These mattresses can be super soft or very firm, depending on the make and material content.
To give an overview of your options, the most popular mattresses on the market are memory foam, latex, innerspring, or hybrids (utilizes a combination of materials). Foam mattresses are supportive and are known to relieve pressure points by providing even, consistent support that contours to your body, no matter what position you sleep in. With memory foam, be aware of breathability.
Look specifically for memory foam mattresses with an open cell structure, gel / other cooling layers, and/or a cover that uses a cooling material or textile. Lower quality innerspring mattresses can create pressure points or inconsistent support due to the nature of their construction. All reviews you find on Sleepopolis are genuine, honest, and based on my personal views of the product. I’ve experienced it first hand and I wanted to share what I’ve learned about shopping for mattresses and hopefully help a few people get a better night’s sleep! The Farleys readily admit there are a fairly sizable number of companies in the online mattress space.