Search engine optimization or commonly abbreviated as ‘ SE0 ‘ is a method to increase the no of visitors to a particular website by ensuring the site appears high on the list of results shown on search engine. As of today, there are over 100,000,000 million registered websites on the internet. To search through them , most of us depend on search engines to find out what we need. There are a variety of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, but 83 % of people around the globe use Google. When we search something on a search engine like we get a results page which has lots of stuffs on it On the top and sides of this results page, companies make payments for placing advertisements. These advertisements are also relevant to the search terms the user have used. The next section which is right below is mostly what people care about. It show the list of websites which most likely can show us what we are looking for. This might be the first page, but there are also subsequent pages which we can get to by clicking the page number located at the bottom. There can be millions of pages depending on the search terms used Here comes an important factor. Over 90 % of people using search engines click on the results found on the initial or first page. If they don’t see what they are looking for on the initial page, they don’t bother to go on to the subsequent pages. They modify their search terms and continue searching. When talking about people who click on first page, there is something called the ‘ Golden Triangle’ or the top 3 end results. Over 63 % of people click among these top 3 results. This is why doing SE0 is very important. If people find something related to their search term, and its your page, they will just click on it These are the people who are usually known as ‘ Ideal Visitors ‘ and there is a high chance for them to transform into customers, subscribers etc. If in case a particular website doesn’t appear on the initial page, its almost like the website doesn’t even exist as people wont find it You may also wonder why some websites appear on the initial page, but some may be hundreds and thousands of pages away. A sites position on search results is determined by ‘ Page Rank’. Every webpage on the internet has a ranking based on a particular keyword or search term. Previously, the search engines functioned by tracking all the words on the web page and the websites which had the keyword or search terms frequently were ranked or placed higher than the rest. But now it works on a different concept. Websites that were backlinked a lot ( referred more frequently by other websites ) were found to be more relevant. This concept was introduced by Larry Page and Sergey Brin which led to the birth of Google. All the modern search engines use this concept. They still look for the websites keyword, but rank the sites relevance on the number and standard (quality) of backlinks to it from other websites. There are two correlating components to SEO. They are ‘on-site’ components and ‘off-site’ components. The on-site components ensures that the site is filled with keywords that are relevant to what the site is about. The off-site components performs to generate backlinks that arise from other sources like articles, social media, blog posts, etc.
Therefore, SE0 is very important because it moves the website to the top of relevant search results and improves the traffic to the particular site