If you are looking to get your dream custom home constructed, you need to first gather information about the custom home construction process. Only if you fully understand the complete process, you will be able to enjoy the progress of the project and make sure that the end result is as per your expectations. 

A custom home construction project may appear to be an overwhelming project initially. But, it largely depends upon the builder who is handling your project. A good custom home builder would be able to complete your project successfully within the given deadline.

A custom home project is a very expensive affair. Without proper research, it is not recommended to get into such a project even if you have hired a very good builder. Initially, you need to focus a lot on the design of the home. For that, you need to sit with your home designer and spend at least a month on the designing the different parts of the dream home you have envisioned. Of course, you need to involve the builder as well in all of these discussions.