Purchasing a production house is a very simple process. You wouldn’t have to put in a lot of effort while purchasing a production home. The steps are quite straightforward. You need to choose a good community among which you want to live. Choose a decent builder and choose a model and you are good to go. Your new home would be ready in a few months after completing all the formalities.

But the process is not as simple when it comes to building a custom home. As a homeowner, you will have to involve yourself a lot more in the overall process. You need to set aside a significant amount of money as the budget for a custom home.

A good amount of advanced planning is required before beginning the construction of a custom home. At least two months of pre-production is required before beginning the actual building process of a custom home.  The key aspect of a successful custom home project is the builder handling the project. The builder can make or break the project.