When it comes to constructing a custom luxury home, lots of discussions need to happen between the customer, builder and the designer. First of all, the look of the exterior of the house needs to be decided. Also, the overall style of the house needs to be decided during the discussions. The custom home builder and the designer whom you choose should be highly experienced. It is very difficult to pull off a custom home project without adequate experience.

When it comes to deciding the exterior of the custom home, the primary importance needs to be given to the safety and security of the house. The exterior should be designed in such a way that there is complete protection from natural forces such as heavy rains. The style and the appearance of the exterior is secondary. But, the appearance cannot be completely ignored. The house should look pleasing to the eyes. It should look unique in the neighborhood. There should be proper balance. A good combo of builder and designer would be able to achieve that balance without much trouble.