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We also have our styles forwrapper with a few properties to stop text resizing in a weird way on Windows Phones and iOS, as well as table-layout: fixed to ensure our centered content will actually be centered in Yahoo mail. We’re setting a max-width of 600px wide on ourwebkit div to contain everything in Apple Mail 6 (and below) and Outlook 2011. So in our HTML file, let’s delete the content goes here placeholder and paste in the following code. I tend to keep my conditional code tags all left-aligned at the same indentation level for readability, but how you format them is up to you. Then repeat your div to create another column. In our case we are creating two, so we’ll add one more.
We want this outer table to be 100% wide on small screens but on larger screens we only want it to be a maximum of 600px wide. Therefore we’re going to set its width to 100% and give it a max-width of 600px. Handy tip: For a quick and easy buffer on mobile, without having to fiddle around with padding or media queries, change the width of your table from 100% to 95%. First, download the tutorial files and move the /images directory so that it’s in the same folder as your file.wordpress,responsive,template
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You’ll notice that I’ve used the tag and a set of classes for styling them. I like using paragraphs to style text, and you can actually manage them really easily because of the capital-M Margin hack that I mentioned earlier. I also use instead of because has some h1, h2 and h3 styles that always override your styling. Great tutorial! Is it possible you could show all of the HTML together? It makes it easier for me to see.