You love to make fruit platters and so do several other people. It is best snack that you can make because it is very healthy and tasty. If you have a really hot summer, then don’t let it go waste, you can make your own dried fruit tray at home and gift it to someone you love. When you are racking your brains trying to gift someone who has invited you to a party, or if you have your husband’s boss coming in for dinner, this is something you can whip up in no time. The biggest advantage of dried fruit tray is that you can prepare it well in advance and no more worries about the fruits going bad.

A dried fruit tray contains delicious and sumptuous dates, prunes, dried pears, dried apricots, nectarines, peaches, dried Angelino Plums, roasted and salted almonds, pistachios in its shell – sounds mouthwatering. These dried fruits and nuts will suit any happy occasion irrespective of who the guests are. A dried fruit tray is the perfect snack your kid can have when he comes home from school. Since it is tasty and healthy your kids will have no objections to dry fruits. It is a great snack for your kids, if they have to shuttle back and forth between classes. The tray you choose for your dried fruit tray should be extremely attractive and colorful. When it is the fruits that your kids love to eat, nothing can stop them.

Another highlight in preparing a dried fruit tray is that you can prepare the whole thing at home. You can buy fresh fruits, wash them thoroughly and then cut them into thin slices. If you have a parchment covered cooking sheet, then use that to spread the sliced fruits. Be liberal and keep ample spaces in between so your fruits don’t get close together while handling. You can use the sun to make dried fruits, but make sure you don’t burn them and keep turning the sides so all the sides get dried equally.

This wonderful dried fruit assortment tray can be bought in separate ounce trays depending on how many fruits you want on the tray. To have an idea of how to prepare a delicious snack of dried fruits and to know how to make your own creative dried fruit tray, you can visit Whether you are having a party at home or just going to attend one, there is one thing that is true. A party is never complete without a dried fruit tray! It serves as an appetizer and a dessert item too.