After graduation, every student will start to fend themselves by understanding the real world. Academic success and awards are of course important since it greatly reflects their hard work and achievements even with the early stage of life they have. However without getting an invitation from the corporate world, all of it will be prove futile and unknown.

To acquire this invitation, all you should need to do is write down everything you are into one single paper. Your curriculum vitae will represent you, so you need to make it clean and formal as possible. There are rules on how to write it down. Professional resume writers follow all these guidelines that can guarantee for your interview.

There is no such thing as resume overnight in real sense. This is because writing all your achievements into one paper is not as easy as it sounds. You should think over and over again about what you need to include or not. Here are factors you can consider in writing down your resume.

It must be short and simple. Usually, it will be accompanied with application letter however you must not repeat the information as what is written on the CV. The reason is businessmen only had limited time to read and scanned your resume. As a rule repeated details is just a waste of time.

Your name must be written in a bold manner. Include the address and the updated phone number you could be contacted. You may include your email address just in case for them not to be able to contact you by phone. Use short phrases that begin with action verbs to describe your skills. Do not use pronouns such as I, his, her or me.

Putting too many details may ruin the mood and the information you have. Only put what is important. It must be updated and in order as to the latest job experience you have acquired. Only list down the details that are appropriate for the position you have applied. To fresh graduates, it is completely understandable though since they do not have enough job order on the past. But limit it as possible as you can.

It should also be folded in proper way that by the time they will open the envelop, they could just flip it right away on the air for instant reading. Do not forget to use the appropriate business words. Chatty conversation for your objective is not allowed. Use proper format and font. At the end, assure that the paper must exhibit a sense of balance.

In addition to that, it should be printed into a high quality paper. It must not be stapled with the cover letter since it is not a good practice for any businessman. It reflects your unconcern and impoliteness attitude towards the professional reader therefore affecting your chance for the job.

However you must know that this is only for you to get an invitation or an interview. It does not guarantee you to have the job offer. Therefore you must practice confidence. Observing the type of person you are talking to. It is a very good approach if you know how to response. Every person has a special talent fit only for a specific job. The real world might be harsh but it is fun at the same time. You must not give up and be true to your passion. Together with a prayer everything will be alright. Luck and blessings also plays very important part of it.