Although there are tons of over the counter treatments and behavioral therapy your doctor can prescribe for you, overcoming erectile dysfunction is completely possible on your own. You are just taking the more natural, harder route. When it comes to stress in your life, whether at home or from work, it can sabotage your sexual performance. If you have run into this problem here are a few things you can do to get your body and mind back into the game.

First and foremost, work on your focus. When you are stress the blood in your body redirects back to your muscles instead of to your little buddy. Tell your mind it needs to focus on the pleasure thats right in front of you like you can find with Virility Ex. If you find your mind drifting to somewhere else, keep forcing yourself back into the moment in front of you. Think about your body, curves, and the noises she makes when you do it just right.

If you cant seem to focus at all then go for the solo route to practice before the big event. Masturbating provides the perfect opportunity. Our mind gets lost in the fact that once our erection arises and starts to go away, that it will never come back. Dont let your mind play this trick on you. Instead of stroke until you are almost climaxing, and then let your erection die down. Then start back up again. Retrain your brain to know that your erection will always come back.

This may be one of the more harder things to do on a personal level. But, talking to your partner about the problems you are having can be a big help. Just getting it off your chest may be enough. Talk about things each of you can do to help keep your head in the game during sex. If your anxiety kicks up, work on things that will help take the pressure off and make you more relaxed. You can learn more at today.