If you are looking for inspiration to design your new custom luxury home, you need to go through a lot of pictures and references online. You should not stop with that. You should also start visiting model homes and take notes and pictures of the homes which you personally visit.

Here are some inspirational custom home design ideas.

Incorporating natural elements into your home and making it truly eco-friendly is a great idea. You can make the home look and feel like a nature resort. Usage of plants inside the house and also planting trees in the outdoor areas of the house is a good start. You can have large wooden  windows to allow adequate of light to pass in.

Usage of bold colors strategically inside the home can make a lot of difference. But, this needs to be handled carefully as it has the risk of being overdone. Some of the bold colors include blue, green and red. 

Having a fountain inside the house is also a good idea. Of course, you need the budget for it. You can also have an outdoor kitchen area in addition to the indoor kitchen.