Buying a new or replacement mattress is an important measure when it comes to the health of your back and indeed your body as a whole. What we do know for sure is that symptoms that appear in the morning are because you’re sleeping on the wrong mattress and its time to change. Of the dozen we reviewed we documented only six; even then if we had to recommend a single best rated mattress for the money which successfully helps reduce pain that would be too difficult, so that’s why we’re going to recommend two! Our mattress reviews concluded the second choice being the Amerisleep Colonial 14″ which also gets 5 out of 5. There aren’t many organic mattresses on the market at this price which serves as an advantage over the aforementioned DreamFoam EuroTop.
Temperature-neutral properties keep firmness consistent regardless of room temperature and allow the surface to respond rapidly to movement, preventing sleepers from feeling trapped” or stuck” which are common complaints in reviews of owners of budget brands. The term orthopedic mattress” was coined in the 1950s, after studies of how the joints and bones work suggested that specially-designed mattresses could prevent morning back pain. I was laying on my new mattress, pillows, and mattress topper within 4 days of ordering.
However, after mattress manufacturers noticed that these mattresses were selling well, they started calling all mattresses orthopedic.” After all, there are no governmental regulations or standards in place to proved that one mattress is better than any other. There are also no regulations or standards for the language mattress manufacturers can use to describe their products. Most people have heard that sleeping on a hard floor is good for back pain, and so they mistakenly believe that an orthopedic mattress should be hard as a rock. For example, a blinded study of over 300 back-pain sufferers reported that a mattress of medium-firmness was best for relieving back pain.
Therefore, a properly-designed orthopedic mattress needs to achieve the perfect balance of sufficient softness and sufficient support. It is important for each person to try out orthopedic mattresses on an individual basis rather than just accepting a doctor’s prescription for a particular mattress. Joe has been working in the mattress industry for a number of years and is an active reviewer on Mattress Clarity.
Had a few issues with the initial mattress order (more on the side of the courier firm- not soak&sleep), received very speedy reply from Rebecca. We were kept well Informed via text and emails and the delivery guys even helped my husband carry the mattress upstairs. My luxury orthopaedic mattress arrived a couple of days later with warning by phone and by text. I searched for a long time before I placed and order for a new mattress and memory foam topper.