Brute Force Amplification Attacks Against WordPress XMLRPC is a very robust content-management system (CMS) that is free and open source. Because anyone can comment, create an account, and post on WordPress, many malicious actors have created networks of bots and servers that compromise and spam WordPress sites through brute-force attacks. The tool Fail2ban is useful in preventing unauthorized access to both your Droplet and your WordPress site. It notes suspicious or repeated login failures and proactively bans those IPs by modifying firewall rules for your Droplet.
Artificer is a free responsive eCommerce WordPress theme tailor made for people selling arts & crafts. Its agnostic design and responsive layout makes it a perfect platform to showcase your hand made products. It was designed to work properly any device and adjust fittingly to any screen size. It is packed with features serviceable to an online store. Moreover, Artificer supports WooCommerce plugin could help you set up an online shop in an instant! This responsive WordPress theme is best suitable for any online product store, online shop or any eCommerce website.wordpress,responsive,template
Serene is a simple yet stylish free WordPress theme created by Elegant Themes. Serene is designed for sophistication. It features a very clean and straightforward navigation and rounded social icons. Serene supports unlimited color options that you can mix and match to get the best look that you want for your website. The best part of this responsive theme is its extensive post format support. With Serene, you can effortlessly show off a dynamic feed of articles, videos, audio files, quotes, galleries and links in the most elegant way possible. Other amazing features include WordPress 3.6+ compatibility, a widgetized footer, comment support and more.
MH Magazine lite is an elegant free WordPress theme from MH Themes. This theme is perfect for magazines, portals and online news websites. If you want to make sure that your content gets a significant attention from your site visitors, then this is a theme that you will like for sure. This free theme offers great features such as FlexSlider 2 with touch swipe functionality, dynamic theme options, custom menus, 12 widget areas, built in author box to feature your authors, 404 page, supports featured images and much more. Furthermore, this theme is optimized for speed and major search engines like Google.
Flat is a free WordPress theme that exudes a charm and sophistication. Its minimalist design makes your website look attractive and accentuates your content. It includes Bootstrap 3, HTML5 and LESS that makes the site more responsive and more impressive. It boasts its flat design and other astounding features such as responsive layout, retina ready, an off canvas sidebar, custom background and sidebar color, customizable logo, favicon sidebar and background. If you want to give greater focus on your content without spending a single dollar, Flat is the best choice for you.

Cyber Monday 2015 WordPress Deals Big Savings

It’s that time of the year again, where we share the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on your favorite WordPress products. This is the best time to buy WordPress plugins, themes, and hosting because all providers usually offer their best deal of the year. To help you locate those deals, we have hand-picked some of the best WordPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for 2015.wordpress,responsive,template
Bonanza is a multi-purpose WordPress WooCommerce theme that allows you ro build a personal blog and portfolio, an online eCommerce retail store, a corporate informational page or any combination. Maybe even all of those things? Why not, Bonanza just wants to make you happy. Bonanza has all the presets and layout options you need to do whatever you want. We think a classy WordPress wooCommerce themes with splendid features and tools is a amazing road for you to take.
IDStore is a stylish and elegant looking WordPress eCommerce WooCommerce theme. IDStore is multipurpose too, so it’ll do just about anything you ask it to, from blog and portfolio to marketing page to eCommerce store and more. IDStore always looks good though, with responsive design and a ton of other features to make it stand apart. We think a delightful WordPress wooCommerce themes with absolutely perfect features is a wonderful road to take.
Sentient doesn’t have to be used as a tee-shirt store, like it’s set up in the demo. WordPress WooCommerce themes can sell any kind of products. jQuery masonry layout and the responsive design make it possible to sell anything. But if tee shirts is what you’re into, this is a great WooCommerce theme for that. And it’s from Woo Themes, the inventors of WooCommerce, so it’s built from the ground up to start you selling products today. We think a fun, feature rich WordPress WooCommerce theme with supreme features is a good way to go for your site.
Bravo is pure class. MojoThemes presents this bold WordPress WooCommerce theme is an eCommerce template from Splashing Pixels. If you want to get started selling products today, Bravo is a great choice with a fast learning curve and a lot of built in features that help you hit the ground running. We think a pretty WordPress WooCommerce theme with a great choice features is a wonderful road for you to take.
source WooCommerce themes like Neutrino, can be a powerful tool to help build an online business from the ground up. Neutrino would be great for a fashion store, any kind of modern online web store and more. Corporate shops, marketing companies and freelance designers will love it. It’s like setting up your own Etsy shop. We think a good WordPress WooCommerce theme with the cat’s pajamas features is a incredible way to go for your site.
Madrone is a brand new free WordPress theme from EvoWPThemes. We’re really proud of this free WooCommerce theme. Madrone is a simple, modern looking, responsive and completely customizable WordPress WooCommerce theme and it looks great no matter what you use it for. Madrone was built with HTML5 and CSS3 coding, it’s highly SEO friendly with lightning quick load times, and it’s perfect for any kind of website. Get creative with Madrone! We think a fun WordPress WooCommerce theme with some amazing features is a wonderful way to go for your site. Try out the Madrone demo here.
The WordPress admin panel is pretty open for modifications and web developers have made the most out of it. These modifications are more common in themes due to the extended level of functionality, but you can find a complete set of option frameworks in some prominent plugins as well. Let’s review what can we do inside the admin panel when it comes to creating options with Titan Framework.


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We also have our styles forwrapper with a few properties to stop text resizing in a weird way on Windows Phones and iOS, as well as table-layout: fixed to ensure our centered content will actually be centered in Yahoo mail. We’re setting a max-width of 600px wide on ourwebkit div to contain everything in Apple Mail 6 (and below) and Outlook 2011. So in our HTML file, let’s delete the content goes here placeholder and paste in the following code. I tend to keep my conditional code tags all left-aligned at the same indentation level for readability, but how you format them is up to you. Then repeat your div to create another column. In our case we are creating two, so we’ll add one more.
We want this outer table to be 100% wide on small screens but on larger screens we only want it to be a maximum of 600px wide. Therefore we’re going to set its width to 100% and give it a max-width of 600px. Handy tip: For a quick and easy buffer on mobile, without having to fiddle around with padding or media queries, change the width of your table from 100% to 95%. First, download the tutorial files and move the /images directory so that it’s in the same folder as your file.wordpress,responsive,template
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You’ll notice that I’ve used the tag and a set of classes for styling them. I like using paragraphs to style text, and you can actually manage them really easily because of the capital-M Margin hack that I mentioned earlier. I also use instead of because has some h1, h2 and h3 styles that always override your styling. Great tutorial! Is it possible you could show all of the HTML together? It makes it easier for me to see.

Gift Your Host With The Best Snack – A Dried Fruit Tray

You love to make fruit platters and so do several other people. It is best snack that you can make because it is very healthy and tasty. If you have a really hot summer, then don’t let it go waste, you can make your own dried fruit tray at home and gift it to someone you love. When you are racking your brains trying to gift someone who has invited you to a party, or if you have your husband’s boss coming in for dinner, this is something you can whip up in no time. The biggest advantage of dried fruit tray is that you can prepare it well in advance and no more worries about the fruits going bad.

A dried fruit tray contains delicious and sumptuous dates, prunes, dried pears, dried apricots, nectarines, peaches, dried Angelino Plums, roasted and salted almonds, pistachios in its shell – sounds mouthwatering. These dried fruits and nuts will suit any happy occasion irrespective of who the guests are. A dried fruit tray is the perfect snack your kid can have when he comes home from school. Since it is tasty and healthy your kids will have no objections to dry fruits. It is a great snack for your kids, if they have to shuttle back and forth between classes. The tray you choose for your dried fruit tray should be extremely attractive and colorful. When it is the fruits that your kids love to eat, nothing can stop them.

Another highlight in preparing a dried fruit tray is that you can prepare the whole thing at home. You can buy fresh fruits, wash them thoroughly and then cut them into thin slices. If you have a parchment covered cooking sheet, then use that to spread the sliced fruits. Be liberal and keep ample spaces in between so your fruits don’t get close together while handling. You can use the sun to make dried fruits, but make sure you don’t burn them and keep turning the sides so all the sides get dried equally.

This wonderful dried fruit assortment tray can be bought in separate ounce trays depending on how many fruits you want on the tray. To have an idea of how to prepare a delicious snack of dried fruits and to know how to make your own creative dried fruit tray, you can visit Whether you are having a party at home or just going to attend one, there is one thing that is true. A party is never complete without a dried fruit tray! It serves as an appetizer and a dessert item too.