It’s going pretty well so far, but our downfall was predicted before we had even begun. X might feel as a surprising choice to use as a framework but as you keep reading, you will understand why it’s worth giving this theme a try and why I am considering it the best WordPress theme of 2015. Themes are bloated adding unnecessary code and making theme files and databases larger and slower than they should be. The situation has been improving but still it is the case with most of the ThemeForest themes.
They don’t have a long background in the WordPress field like the Genesis founder but they are very experienced entrepreneurs. On 17 July 2014, they achieved the Power Elite status on Themeforest in just six months by selling $1,000,000+ worth of WP themes and achieving the fastest selling Themeforest theme status. There are 15 plugins built by X which you can use to add more functionality to your website.
Currently, the X WordPress theme has been purchased more than 40,000 times and answered over 20,000 support questions (within Themeforest and their website). X theme definitely was one of the best WordPress themes in 2014, and has committed to do even better in 2015. This power makes the X theme a great option for graphic designers to build powerful custom WordPress themes without an extensive programming knowledge. First of all, you can download the 40-page PDF documentation explaining how X theme works and how you can set it up. Lastly, 3 Ethos theme designs are the best for busy news blogs and magazine type websites.
With X, you even get basic marketing training to be a better help for the clients you serve..and be able to charge more since you now provide higher level help. Keep that in mind, when looking for a WordPress theme you will use to build website for your client. Compared to other ThemeForest premium WordPress themes, $63 price may seem expensive but if you look at the included features, functionality, training videos, and customer support, it is a steal.
You also don’t just get access to one theme, but you get access to a powerful framework with many professional theme designs, free wordpress plugins and world-class support included for no extra cost! Now let’s explore what’s under the X theme hood and explore how easy it is to customize WordPress with X. X theme doesn’t have built-in SEO options but you should install Yoast WordPress SEO plugin for every WordPress installation anyway. When looking at the themes in terms of SEO, the most important factor is site loading speed.