Looking after your spiritual needs is valuable since usually people are excessively focused on achieving their goals through utilizing worldly means only. There is nothing wrong with attending to secular concerns but it must be tempered with consulting the words of God and how they fare with accomplishing our daily itineraries. Nothing matters more than instating our engagements through aligning with the gospel.

The first step usually has to do with expectation. Expectancy manifests the actual results so inside a prophetic ministry, be conscious regarding any revelations you feel are coming from Spirit. Never mind anything that appears to be coming from the devil because those nudges never result in anything lucrative or stuff that is remotely usable within an active fellowship. The true nature of revelation is in its subtlety.

Avoid doing one on one sessions. That is tantamount to lifting yourself up and becoming an exclusive personality. Conversely, it leads to clique formation and perhaps only a selected number inside the church are granted these privileges of hearing you out. Do them on consistent services or Sundays so everyone, including the pastor can discern the message.

Let someone record your utterances. These permit yourself to be under scrutiny yet it only exists for realizing the finest potentials about the clergy. Many occurrences such as apparitions and internal locutions are doled out in popular churches without any prior scrutiny. The apostle Paul writes in Galatians that anything which contradicts the original testimony is unreliable.

Refrain from showing off. You might be tempted to speak in archaic English. Jesus is a very subtle person and remember once he performed some miracles none of them involved making the sun go down or anything that revolves around a deliberate show of abilities. The usage of miraculous talents is for the sake of helping and serving others.

Never add ore remove anything from these sacred texts. Stay conforming to the instructions of John at the end of his book. There must not be elements which were taken away nor added into the holy writ. These expositions are otherwise complete and nothing anyone says could change nor alter the continuity and integrity of teachings.

Always become an active listener when other members are doing their prophecies. In fact, the greatest setup is simply listening to the things others are explaining. That transforms you into a really centered being and it permits you to tap into inner resources which otherwise inaccessible when your mind was filled with too much chatter and mental activity.

Do not compare yourself with teammates. That remains a pure recipe for being frustrated. You exist as your own being and your strengths are not theirs. Bring back the human body analogy that Paul outlined in his letters. Different parts entail varying functionality. Stick with core gifts and utilize those in meeting the necessities of fellow believers.

Finally, read the Bible every night. It helps you in exercising some discernment and censorship regards to the information you receive. It already has been established that fully actualizing your authority as a son of the Father is fundamental. This too involves some humility and willingness to submit towards the teachings of those instituted with preaching his words.