Memory foam mattress, also known as an orthopedic mattress is designed to provide more support and comfort for people suffering from back pain, arthritis and similar conditions. Some of them sell cheap and bad manufactured mattresses claiming they are orthopedic mattresses and they get away with it. Do your homework before going shopping for your new mattress and consult with the shop assistant and see what they advise you to get. You have to choose between coil springs and an orthopedic foam mattress, depending both on your needs and budget. The whole purpose of the orthopedic mattress is to keep your body fully aligned, relieving pressure points and providing you with the desired comfort.
Still, this doesn’t mean that all coil mattresses are bad, if you have a bigger budget and can spend up to $3000-4000, you can buy handmade mattresses that deliver great comfort and luxury and you don’t have to worry about your mattress for the next 20 years. They are hypoallergenic and offer bug protection and by using a mattress topper/pad you can make it even softer and comfortable.
The spring coil mattress provides great comfort but this is only in the first years of usage and eventual problem are hard to fix, in most cases you have to send it to the manufacturer to fix it. You can buy a very comfortable, top of the class orthopedic mattress made of foam with $2000-3000 which is reasonable considering the years you will use it. High class coil spring mattresses are about $4000-5000 and have half the warranty of the foam ones (if you’re lucky).
You will notice that the tag: orthopedic mattress” is more expensive and in most cases it’s just a regular mattress that they named it orthopedic. Compared to a regular mattress which has the same features and benefits, this can be up to 40% more expensive just because it is orthopedic. The best comfort is provided by the orthopedic firm mattress as it properly supports your spine, keeping it in the right position.
A mattress that’s too soft can cause you even more problems because it will keep your back curbed and can be the head start of many problems. Watch out for counterfeit mattress and can keep in mind that in most cases you get what you paid for: a $200 mattress can be ok for a year or two if you are really lucky but this is all. One of the very best mattress types that you can invest in is an orthopedic mattress.
Every person is unique and require different support, based on height, weight and health issues and this is best to try the orthopedic mattress before you buy it. If your neighbors feels great on his it doesn’t mean that you will feel the same. Lye down on the mattress and turn from a side to another, see how the border feels and than decide if you want to buy it or not. Even so, millions of people suffer from back and muscular problems needlessly and simply because they have not purchased, or considered purchasing, an orthopedic mattress or bed. This is why a quality mattress, and ideally an orthopedic one, is good for your back.
Remember, Dr. Back® Orthopedic Mattress will benefit any sleeper, whatever their age or state of health and it can also act as preventative measure in protecting against future back and lumbar problems. Dr. Back® Orthopedic Mattresses are now available in a vast array of different constructions and compositions. Without a doubt, the mattress you choose for your bed directly influences the quality of sleep you can expect to experience.