Although SEO is beneficial to almost any business, it is especially important for local Hong Kong businesses.The amount of local searches being processed by search engines is more than at any other time in the history of the internet. This means that people in your area are searching for what you have to offer. They are looking for you and the easier that you make it for them to find you the better. That is where local seo comes in. The following are a few techniques that will help you with all of your SEO ventures. The exact techniques are found here at Refined Semantics.

As a marketer using local SEO, you really have to get into the mindset of someone in your target market who is doing a search engine query. You have to understand how they think to be able to optimize your site for the search engines. The real question you have to ask is, if you were the Hong Kong customer, what word or term would you search under if you were looking for one of your own products? For an example of a list of search terms click here. Let’s say that you have a store that exclusively sells golf accessories. People who search for the word “golf” are probably not going to be your customers, as this is a very general term. Other searchers may be looking for “golf instruction,” which isn’t related to what your store sells. Some people, however, will type in “golf accessories,” and since this is your specialty, you should be targeting this keyword phrase. Businesses trying to generate local traffic tend to overlook keywords that are relevant but not hugely popular. They tend to target the same keywords everyone else is trying to rank for, the very top ones with the most traffic. It helps you to target the most effective keywords if you can put yourself in the customer’s place. Choosing the right keywords is important for increasing traffic and sales, and as you get better at it, you’ll be able to rank well for numerous keywords.

If you consider yourself good at SEO, you’ll know that title tags should always be concentrated on. There are many new marketers who focus on other factors but ignore the title tag, which can actually help you rank better. When going after local SEO, title tags are very important. The best part about using local searches is that you don’t have as much competition as if you were going for the broader keywords.

So when you’re writing the title tag for your web page, make sure that it contains your targeted keywords along with your city and your state. This will tell the search engines exactly where to rank you. This happens to be the single most crucial on page SEO tactic that you shouldn’t ignore. Last but not the least, don’t overcrowd the title tag with too many keywords, and try to keep them at the minimum.

You should also try to list your business with all of the Yellow Pages and like directories online., and are all good directories. You should know that gets more than 100 local searches every month and it offers free listings for business owners. At the same time, is well known for sending their listed businesses to the major sites like and MSN. Their listing is free but is very basic.

If you need to find targeted local traffic, then, you now have several proven ways to generate it. The above techniques work quite well for optimizing your site for local traffic.