Custom Remodel or New Custom Home?

The decision of whether to build a new custom home or to remodel your existing home can be a difficult one. It’s the budget which determines your decision most of the times. Of course, feasibility is also a factor which comes into play in some cases. Particularly, if your existing house is a very old construction, then there is no real point trying to remodel it. You would be better off demolishing it and building a brand new custom home in its place.

The location of your existing home also plays a role in the decision. For example, if your house is in a great location in Las Vegas, it makes little sense to abandon it and go build a new house in a different location which may or may not be as great. Also, if your current house requires just cosmetic changes, then it is better to go for a custom remodel.

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Inspirational Ideas for Custom Luxury Home


If you are looking for inspiration to design your new custom luxury home, you need to go through a lot of pictures and references online. You should not stop with that. You should also start visiting model homes and take notes and pictures of the homes which you personally visit.

Here are some inspirational custom home design ideas.

Incorporating natural elements into your home and making it truly eco-friendly is a great idea. You can make the home look and feel like a nature resort. Usage of plants inside the house and also planting trees in the outdoor areas of the house is a good start. You can have large wooden  windows to allow adequate of light to pass in.

Usage of bold colors strategically inside the home can make a lot of difference. But, this needs to be handled carefully as it has the risk of being overdone. Some of the bold colors include blue, green and red. 

Having a fountain inside the house is also a good idea. Of course, you need the budget for it. You can also have an outdoor kitchen area in addition to the indoor kitchen.

Exterior of a Custom Home

When it comes to constructing a custom luxury home, lots of discussions need to happen between the customer, builder and the designer. First of all, the look of the exterior of the house needs to be decided. Also, the overall style of the house needs to be decided during the discussions. The custom home builder and the designer whom you choose should be highly experienced. It is very difficult to pull off a custom home project without adequate experience.

When it comes to deciding the exterior of the custom home, the primary importance needs to be given to the safety and security of the house. The exterior should be designed in such a way that there is complete protection from natural forces such as heavy rains. The style and the appearance of the exterior is secondary. But, the appearance cannot be completely ignored. The house should look pleasing to the eyes. It should look unique in the neighborhood. There should be proper balance. A good combo of builder and designer would be able to achieve that balance without much trouble.

Choosing the Land for Custom Home

If you are looking to hire an architect for building your custom home, it is better to hire one before purchasing the land. Every piece of land is different and the design would vary for each land. The suitability of the land for the construction of a custom luxury home needs to be assessed carefully. The accessibility of the main spots in the locality from the land needs to be considered. You do not want to build a home in the interior parts of the city where it would be difficult to travel to and from. If you have kids, you need to make sure that the locality is safe for your kids and other amenities like school and parks are present nearby.

The reason why architect should be hired before choosing the land is that the architect can help a great deal in hunting for the right land. An experienced home architect would provide great insights to you and help you choose a well optimized land in the right locality.

Looking for a New Custom Home Builder in Nevada?

If you are on the lookout for a new custom home builder in Nevada, you need to first check if the builder is transparent and upfront about everything. Merlin Custom Home Builders are a top building firm who are known for their transparency. They have built many great custom luxury homes in the state of Nevada.

A custom home builder should be highly approachable. If a client is looking to get a new custom luxury home built, he should be able to discuss a lot of things freely with the builder. The builder should also design and build everything in a timely manner. All of these qualities are very much a part of Merlin Custom Home Builders. They complete all of their projects in a timely manner and they are also quite friendly with their clients. They listen to all of their customers patiently and carefully. This is the reason why they have worked on plenty of custom home building projects in the state of Nevada and 100% of their clients are extremely happy with the services they provide.

Custom Home Building is Not as Easy as Production Home Building

Purchasing a production house is a very simple process. You wouldn’t have to put in a lot of effort while purchasing a production home. The steps are quite straightforward. You need to choose a good community among which you want to live. Choose a decent builder and choose a model and you are good to go. Your new home would be ready in a few months after completing all the formalities.

But the process is not as simple when it comes to building a custom home. As a homeowner, you will have to involve yourself a lot more in the overall process. You need to set aside a significant amount of money as the budget for a custom home.

A good amount of advanced planning is required before beginning the construction of a custom home. At least two months of pre-production is required before beginning the actual building process of a custom home.  The key aspect of a successful custom home project is the builder handling the project. The builder can make or break the project.

Choosing the Right Custom Home Builder is Very Important


The builder would be the most important professional when it comes to the construction of a custom home. The builder would be responsible for everything related to the home starting from the design phase, planning phase, approval phase and the construction phase. In some cases, an architect would be hired to work along with the builder.

If you are a person who gives more attention to detail, then you should definitely go for a custom home. A custom home is definitely for people who don’t like compromises. But, at the same time, the client would also have more responsibilities in terms of the choices the client has to make for the home. Not everybody can handle those responsibilities. Hence, choosing the right custom home builder is of paramount importance. If a mistake is made in hiring the builder, then it can affect the whole project in a big way.

In a place like Las Vegas, custom homes dominate. There are a few highly professional custom home builders in Las Vegas and Merlin custom home builders is the best among them in Las Vegas

Merlin Custom Home Builders is an Industry Leader

If you are looking for a builder of custom homes for your own project, you should always for a firm which is a leader in the industry at least in your locality. For example, if you are looking to build a custom home in Las Vegas, then you should hire a firm such as Merlin which is considered as one of the leading custom home building firms in the state of Nevada.

The professionals working in Merlin are extremely passionate about building dream homes for clients.
They are a bunch of highly inspired individuals who take inspiration from the interests of their clients. They always come up with new and exciting ideas related to custom homes which further enhances the interests of their clients. They care a lot about the environment and focus more on building energy efficient green custom homes. Even if some clients are ignorant about the importance of green homes, Merlin puts in the effort to educate the clients on why it is important build custom homes which are friendly with the environment. There are lots of benefits in building green custom homes.

Choosing the professional for Custom Home Remodeling

Every home is customizable. But, the extent to which a home can be customized depends on the current state of the home. Custom remodeling is the term commonly used for this customization.
Custom home remodel can be as challenging as building a new custom home. First of all, it is important to identify a good designer who can help you with the remodeling. You should be able to work closely with the designer. You can talk to other homeowners and get recommendations on good designers who are easy to work with.

There is something called liability insurance which every home designer and builder should have. A designer or a builder without the liability insurance and compliance code cannot really be trusted.
The designer you choose should share the sensibilities with you. It is difficult to work with someone who doesn’t share the same preferences or sensibilities with you. So, it is important to interview the professional thoroughly before hiring so that you don’t face any problems later on. You can also check the previous work of the designer before making any decision.

Importance of Blogs for Custom Home Builders

Custom home builders can use blogs as a tool to promote their services to potential clients. They can use blog posts to interact with their potential clients and showcase themselves as an expert in the custom home construction industry.

If you are a custom home builder or someone who is managing a custom home building company, you should definitely be using blogs for promotion. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced blogger or someone new to the blogging scene, you need to be proactive in using blogs as there is a lot of competition in the industry. Coming up with interesting topics about custom home construction can be a challenge. Even after coming up with topics, converting topics into interesting blog posts is another challenge.

Usage of images and videos is a great way to come up with interesting blog posts on custom homes. Good looking custom luxury home images would definitely attract potential clients who are looking to buy a custom home. If you can, you can come up with interesting videos using the images as that would attract the clients even more.